FXecosystem™ is a provider of outsourced connectivity services for the FX market, providing optimised network solutions for trading infrastructures. Comprising low latency network connectivity, co-location/proximity hosting and fully-managed services, our clients benefit from enhanced trade execution and the operational efficiencies which are generated as a result.

Our offering is completely unique and very different from other extranet or telecoms providers – in addition to being a more cost effective and efficient alternative. FXecosystem is ultimately changing how the FX market connects.

specific to FXFull-service connectivity provider specific to FX market

We provide a one-stop-shop to all connectivity requirements – from managing networks, global carrier sourcing to monitoring and supporting client networks. Read More

Centralised connectivityCentralised source of connectivity

Our FX Meet-Me-Rooms™ (MMR) provide a single point of entry to multiple market participants on a global scale. Read More

Low LatencyGlobal connectivity over low latency routes

A low latency global fibre network with point to point ethernet connections. Read More