• Connecting global banks, fund managers, financial institutions and brokers

    FXecosystem – the leading provider of outsourced connectivity services for the FX and bond markets

  • FXeco-Eye: real-time Performance Monitoring & Analytics System

    for Business Units and Network/Trading System Support Teams

  • Enhanced trading execution and operational efficiencies

    Our clients benefit from enhanced trade execution via fully or partially outsourced end-to-end FX and bond connectivity management

  • Global connectivity: low latency

    Data centres spanning six continents connecting all aspects of the FX and bond markets


A global leader

Operating from London, FXecosystem is the leading provider of outsourced connectivity services to the FX and bond markets. We offer bespoke solutions to banks and global entities that require end-to-end management of FX and bond connectivity, either via a fully managed service or components of this. The result is enhanced trade execution and operational efficiencies.

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Unique focus

We at FXecosystem have exceptional institutional experience and an in-depth understanding of how to best serve the market in terms of products and services. Our approach is unique due to our heritage and in-depth understanding of the financial markets.  As a result, we believe we offer the best connectivity solutions to trading environments around the world. Our independent status ensures unbiased and objective advice on routes and carriers.

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Operational efficiencies

We offer low latency network connectivity, co-location / proximity hosting and fully managed services perfect for new and established brokers. Our clients benefit from enhanced trade execution and the impressive operations efficiencies that are generated as a result. FXecosystem is truly changing how the FX and bond markets connect.

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Global connectivity: low latency

More than 100 data centres spanning the globe connecting the FX market


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