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Global Bank

FXecosystem provides cross connects for top tier FX Bank

We at FXecosystem provide cross connects and colocation services to one of the world's largest financial institutions. FXecosystem facilitates and manages the cross connects for the European division of this US financial institution and supplies and manages the necessary associated hardware. We ensure the process of adding cross connects is swift and efficient (usually within 24 to 48 hours of request), managing the network architecture and all the required testing. 

The benefits to this institution are realised through our centralised FX connectivity. An FXecosystem Meet-Me-Room™ (MMR) delivers a single point of contact to connect this global FX bank to ECNs and buy side institutions, eliminating the need for multiple leased lines. This prestigious global financial institution works with FXecosystem to ensure optimum speed, efficiency and connectivity reliability.

An FXecosystem cross connect inside an Equinix data centre ensures high performance, network reliability and low latency – vital to financial institutions wanting to maximise the number of trades processed per second and eliminate milliseconds of latency which impacts on trading revenues. 

This top tier bank chose FXecosystem as their connectivity outsource partner as they recognise the value of our expertise in FX connectivity solutions. This has allowed them to reduce costs internally and focus on delivering their own best of breed services to their clients.

FXecosystem changing how the FX market connects.