Global Bank


Global Bank

Our client is a leading global FX market-maker that offers a wide range of services including transactions, hedging and investment strategy. Their customers have access to pricing, research and execution systems. These systems are deployed in regional hubs in Asia, Europe and the US.


  • Reduce cost of infrastructure overall

  • Regional hosting of FX infrastructure in Singapore, Hong Kong, London and New York

  • Hosting of their own servers in FXecosystem cabinets in a hybrid solution

  • Ability to rapidly add/change connections

  • Robust network defence against DDOS and other cyber security risks

  • Low latency links across regions

  • Access to a broad array of FX liquidity, including: counterparty banks, ECNs, 3rd party electronic platforms

  • 24/7 support

  • Implement smarter operations to improve performance, efficiency and profitability


 Our client selected FXecosystem as their preferred partner for the following reasons:

  • Hybrid solution efficient for both parties (their servers are hosted in FXecosystem cabinets)

  • Overall costs reduced by 30%

  • New infrastructure delivered in 3 months

  • Ability to change connections on short-term rolling contracts

  • Large number of existing venues and counterparties in Meet-me-Room™

  • Proven track record in FX markets

  • 24/7 active monitoring and support with dedicated account management