FXecosystem has added an innovative product to its portfolio to enable business units and network/trading system support teams to speed up the process of establishing the root cause of any network and trading issues.

Its new product, FXeco-eye, is a real-time network and flow operational monitoring and data visualisation tool which provides clients with a unique, graphical overview of their flows. Users can examine the network fabric/traffic and business flows in time-series windows, receive automated alerts when SLA thresholds are breached, benefit from timed reports and use visual aids on screen to pin point potential issues.

James Banister, CEO, FXecosystem comments, “FXeco-eye provides drill down data to a granular level enabling users to troubleshoot network, application and connectivity issues without creating disruptions to business critical flows. It is easily accessible via a web browser and works across multiple asset classes.”

Enhanced Understanding

The data available with FXeco-eye provides business units with a greater understanding of their Trade Cost Analysis (TCA) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the technology they run their business on.

Users can also benefit from the forensic post-event analytics which can rapidly detect the risks in the environment, helping with future planning. The product also helps with capacity planning as users can track utilisation to prevent service interruptions on the network and application.

James Banister concludes, “FXeco-eye is a powerful real-time performance monitoring and analytics tool which has a wide range of benefits for planning, troubleshooting and enhancing efficiencies. The bespoke visualisation capabilities make it easy for organisations to identify issues and gain an in-depth understanding of all their Capital Markets connectivity links and business flows.

“There really is no other product like this on the market. We anticipate significant demand for FXeco-eye, particularly from organisations who manage their own networks and require this as a standalone product to enhance their current infrastructure.”