Bespoke FX networks

Bespoke FX networks


Key Benefits

  • Network reliability
  • Above SLA operations
  • Real time monitoring
  • Circuit latency
  • Expertise
  • Switch management
  • Security
  • Project management

We have strong technical expertise in circuit latency, networks, redundancy, infrastructures, switch management, security and project management, so can deliver any FX network solution required.

Reliability is absolutely crucial for our clients. We provide multi routes to market and have built a robust network which can suffer more than a single point failure and still maintain above SLA operations. The amount of capacity available on our infrastructure and the specific types of hardware we use, allows detailed reporting at layers above the standard network statistics metrics available from our competitors. 

We are able to provide granular representations on many aspects of trade data itself such as fill ratios, time to market statistics and can further drill down to currency symbols and liquidity providers performance if required. All analysis can be completed in real time and benefits from alerting mechanisms so that predetermined thresholds can be set to allow our clients to have proactive updates.

Contact us for global FX and bond trading low-latency connectivity solutions.