Network and Flow Monitoring

Network and Flow Monitoring


Key Benefits

  • Explore the latency dynamics of trading systems & environments
  • Pinpoint potential issues proactively from easy to use dashboards
  • Forensic post-event analytics to rapidly detect the risks in the environment
  • SLA monitoring from network and application perspective to detect and prevent breaches
  • Develop / manage your best execution CEP trading policy from monitoring tools
  • Allow for capacity planning by tracking utilisation to prevent service interruptions on the network and application
  • Reduce the trading risk associated with latency in the environment

FXeco-eye provides a real-time network & flow operational monitoring and data visualisation solution for all your Capital Markets connectivity links and business flows.

  • Fully managed service by FXecosystem
  • Full detailed drilldown provides a view of trading and pricing activity at the most granular level
  • Track utilisation to prevent service interruptions both at the network and the application level
  • Identify network and application issues and pinpoint latency and connectivity problems quickly
  • Out-of-the-box Real Time views accessible using any web browser, additional views tailored to your needs
  • Real Time alerts for latency breaches
  • Standard Reports available to provide weekly, daily and intraday performance within the trading environment across all hops instrumented within any flow. Custom reports can be built on request
  • Measure / compare best venues for a currency pair at any point in time using real time dashboards and historical charts
  • Compare performance across different time periods to see how well trading systems perform under certain market conditions
  • Optional integration with 3rd party monitoring systems such as ITRS Geneos

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